Pultrusion Developments
Established 1994



8 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L7 4JG UK
Phone: +44 (0) 151 733 8476

Pultruded Fenestrations - UK
Commissioned by a leading manufacturer of steel window and door-frames. Steel frames are specified by architects in many refurbishments and prestige new builds. The benefits are good torsional rigidity and relatively slim sight lines, allowing panes with a high glass to frame ratio. The project showed that pultrusion offers a possible solution to the thermal break limitations of traditional steel windows.

Swing Door Frame - UK
This project involved designing a pultrudable profile, used to form the frame for a swing door with flexible infill. Die, in-feed and associated processing equipment were designed, procured and successfully commissioned.

Design of Pultrusion Machinery - US
Working as part of team developing a new range of pultrusion machines. Input on areas such as user friendliness, die heating and temperature control, and die mounting was provided. Involvement in machine proving trials, through to full 24/7 production runs.

Third-Rail Cover - UK
Design and procurement of pultrusion die, in-feel and impregnation system. Resin formulation to meet stringent fire/smoke regulations. Commissioning of equipment and process trials.

Mine Bolt Production Facility - UK
Pultrusion technology package and custom designed multi-stream pultrusion line, including glass creels, resin impregnation system, in-feed, dies, heating system, etc. All equipment successfully designed, procured, installed and commissioned by Pultrusion Developments.

Electrical Insulators - South Africa
Die and in-feed design, epoxy resin system formulated to give ease of processing. On-site set-up and successful process trials.

Ladder rail Technology Transfer - Ajman UAE
Installation of pultrusion machine and associated process equipment to manufacture pultruded FRP ladder rail. Development of resin system to give long pot life in high ambient temperatures and humidity.

Machine Installation Adelaide, Australia
Installation of pultrusion machine, ladder rail technology transfer and training programme.

Technology Transfer - Germany
Design, procurement and on-site trials of channel die and in-feed for low smoke pultruded channel.

Technology Transfer - Czech Republic
Installation, process trials and training for six structural pultruded shapes on behalf of US machine manufacturer.

Pultruded FRP Rebar - Oman
Tooling design, procurement and process trials for cement product's company.

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